Support families through our Virtual "In Full Bloom" Spring Luncheon

Join us LIVE at 11:30 am, April 2, 2020

Support families through our Virtual "In Full Bloom" Spring Luncheon image


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Join us LIVE at 11:30 am, April 2, 2020

We are fundraising to support families in need

Our annual Spring Luncheon, "In Full Bloom," is our largest fundraising event of the year. COVID-19 has forced us to postpone celebrating our families' successes together, but we cannot afford to postpone our fundraising efforts. Why? Because families are counting on us now more than ever in our history.

More than 25 years ago, two mothers noticed something strange going on in their children's classrooms. Children that were sitting next to their kids for the first part of the school year were disappearing. When they asked a teacher about it, they learned that many families experience eviction due to financial instability throughout the year, forcing them to move and causing children to move from school to school, or even miss large chunks of the school year altogether.

Having met these parents at the beginning of the year, they knew these were hardworking families. These two concerned moms decided to take action. Together, they developed a 9 month Hand-Up program to teach parents financial management and job readiness skills. It's largely the same program RaiseUp Families follows today, because it works.

After just 9 months, RaiseUp Families clients on average experience a 34% increase in income.

82% of adults are still employed after one year.

93% of families remain in permanent housing after one year.

100% of children remain in their same school.

While government aid is on its way toward helping many of the clients we serve, when and how aid arrives remains uncertain. RaiseUp Families remains the stopgap for those hardest hit by this pandemic. Further, as the economy begins its slow recovery and people start returning to work, there will be an even greater need for our services.

Join us for a special live event this Thursday, April 2 at 11:30 am Central Time to see firsthand just what your support can do for families in our community! Your support will provide the much needed support our families need to maintain their progress and keep children in school.